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44 Forex Trading Tips

01. Time is your friend in the market, yet most traders make it into an enemy.

02. Self-master is the road to mastering trading.

03. Trade with a clean chart, you will gain a lot of clarity about the market.

04. Set your profit target intelligently, not greedily.

05. Don’t be anxious to close trades too early.

06. Just stay in the profitable trade a little longer.

07. Most traders are not mentally prepared to do what it takes, to achieve trading success.

08. Bottom line, don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

09. Fall in love with the trading process and the results will come.

10. To make big money in trading, don’t think about the money.

11. Successful trading is about managing risk, not avoiding it.

12. Shout out to everyone who is learning to trade professionally.

13. The only easy thing in trading is losing money.

14. Stop trying to predict the market. Follow it.

15. Great traders are not made overnight.

16. Do not let your emotions cloud your trading decisions.

17. Don’t quit trading until you are profitable.

18. Life is short. Trade while you still have clear eyesight.

19. You believed in Santa Claus for 8 years. Now, believe in your trading system for 2 years.

20. Trading success is not a fairy tale. It is real.

21. You were the sperm that won. You will be the trader that wins.

22. You didn’t come to trading to become a Nillionaire.

23. False expectation is the enemy of trading success.

24. Each trade is just another execution of your trading edge. Don’t think too hard.

25. You can delay losses, but you cannot avoid them altogether.

26. Expecting to win on a trade is a recipe for emotional trading to begin.

27. Many traders start trading before they are emotionally and financially ready.

28. Read the market like a fisherman reads the water.

29. Successful traders develop a daily routine that maximizes their ability to trade properly.

30. Read about successful traders to get motivated.

31. Hey! Could you have entered at a better level?

32. Was you profit target realistic or a pie in the sky?

33. Every trader is unique. Know your trading style.

34. The goal is to win ling-term, not short-term.

35. There is a random distribution of wins and losses for any given trading edge.

36. I wish there was a magic pill to help develop your trading discipline. But sadly, there isn’t.

37. Your last trade tells a lot about you as a trader and as a person.

38. You’re only as good as your last trade. Stay humble!

39. Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.

40. If your trading goals aren’t specific, you’re just wasting your time!

41. Traders who aren’t committed to the craft will be eliminated by the market.

42. Real traders don’t follow signals.

43. You can’t avoid a sudden volatility, but you can control the risk.

44. You must learn how to be comfortable with losses.

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