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38 Forex Trading Tips

01. Worrying about missing trades is the silliest mistakes to make.

02. Professional traders do not sit and watch their charts all day.

03. Don’t be so focused on trading you lose sight of other priorities in life.

04. If you have a problem with trading, admit it and seek professional help.

05. If you’re losing the money you can’t afford to lose, you’re hunting yourself and other people in your life as well.

06. A good mindset is crucial to trading success.

07. Successful trading is about overcoming the major fears you face as you trade.

08. Trading throws up many issues regarding one’s relationship to money.

09. What you should be afraid of is trading too much, not trading too little!

10. Pure demo trading does not pull up emotions as nothing is at stake.

11. Focus on the execution of your trading system rather than profit and loss.

12. The focus should be on avoiding large losses not on small ones.

13. Fear of losing actually leads to losing.

14. Fear has three categories: i. Fear of losing ii. Fear of missing good trades iii. Fear of being wrong

15. Don’t be a captive of fear if you want to be a successful trader.

16. Making forecasts is a bad way to trade.

17. Can you persist and endure the challenges the market throws at you?

18. Don’t create gambling out of trading!

19. Trading success is ultimately a reflection of your good self.

20. The reason behind your bad trading habits could be your ego.

21. Avoid, eliminate, and improve factors that take your trading account into negative.

22. Remember! You will have good and bad days when trading.

23. Certainty belongs to mathematics, not to markets.

24. Everyone thinks of improving his account, but no one thinks of improving himself.

25. Markets offer no refunds. Trade with caution.

26. Trading is supposed to be stress-free.

27. Treat trading like gambling and the market will show you who’s the House.

28. You are allowed to lose but not give up.

29. It’s never too late to learn trading from the beginning.

30. Trade today to enjoy tomorrow.

31. Learn to say NO to the market.

32. The market may have hurt you but it can’t break you.

33. Don’t fight the market. Fight yourself!

34. When you have a million-dollar goal, don’t trade with a one-cent mindset.

35. To earn more, you must learn more.

36. Worrying about a trade is a misuse of your energy.

37. Win more. Lose less.

38. Stop doubting your trading system and be extremely patient.

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