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Another 42 Tips & Tricks for forex trader

01. No swing trader, intraday trader or scalper. Only profitable and non-profitable trader.

02. The market can’t beat a trader who never quits.

03. Becoming a profitable trader is your duty and responsibility.

04. Don’t dwell on past losses.

05. Do trading the way you play Candy Crush- Don’t quit before you win.

06. A great trader is a humble student of the market.

07. Even with only $100 in your trading account, you need to start trading like hedge fund manager.

08. Trading is not a “little fun game” we play one the internet.

09. Happier emotions like confidence or excitement can cause you to make mistakes when it comes to trading.

10. (1) Know the markets. (2) Have a plan. (3) Practise.

11. There is no shortcut to becoming a successful traders, it takes years of hard work.

12. Reading books or watching videos will not make you a profitable trader. You need a mentor.

13. You are an easy target of scammers if you want to get rich quick.

14. Without proper risk management, you will NEVER make consistent money.

15. Your decision of opening a trading account should not be based on bonus opportunities alone.

16. Don’t interrupt. Allow the market and your set trade to work its magic.

17. Don’t destroy the integrity of your trading system.

18. Most traders do not have confidence in their trading plan. Are you one of them?

19. Let no one influence your trade decisions.

20. Do you trust your trading plan or do you listen to other’s opinion?

21. Do you have a profit target for every trade?

22. Accept the responsibility for your losses and trading mistakes.

23. Don’t worry about missing trades.

24. Reduce the time you spend on trading and focus on other activities.

25. Making profits is one story. Making consistent profits is another one.

26. Always be consciously aware of yourself: “Am I trading logically or emotionally?”

27. Plan ahead…be anticipatory instead of reactive.

28. Never get upset when you hit a losing streak.

29. Successful traders do not have overly-high expectations.

30. If good money management is followed, losing will not become a serious problem.

31. If your trading rules are not followed, they are of no value.

32. A sound set of trading rules is essential to trading profitably.

33. Successful traders do the things that unsuccessful traders are not prepared to do.

34. You need to have all market scenarios planned out before they happen.

35. Develop the proper habits of a successful trader.

36. You need to have disposable risk capital that you are totally OK with losing.

37. You don’t need a bunch of fancy indicators to be profitable.

38. Reinforcing the wrong trading habits will destroy your trading account.

39. Becoming a good trader is what eventually makes you money in the market.

40. Focus on the trading process, not on the trading profits.

41. Simplify your trading approach. You will then start seeing results.

42. You can’t avoid losing trades, so learn to bear with them.

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